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Indeed this is my very first post and as such represents the first tiny step to building this website from a blank canvas to the eventual idea which is floating around in my head. In fact its just one of many ideas and projects which I have on the go at any given moment in time!

It’s been one year since I left full time employment in order to focus my efforts fully to developing an on-line income. It really has been an interesting and tough journey with setting up various niche websites, experimenting with different income streams as well as technically putting all the jigsaw pieces together. More importantly I have learned much from many unforeseen events which can make you feel like you have gone backwards, but only to realize that it makes you that much more experienced when it comes to either avoiding such issues or taking them into account for future projects.

In parallel I have also set up an SEO service which I leverage for my own use as well as taking on a number of clients given that at the heart of every website is the measure of success with getting targeted traffic and of course sales conversion! This all started a number of years ago back in 2008 when I created my first website having read about passive income and on-line marketing. Like many I discovered the hard way that your website is worthless if there is no traffic arriving and hence my quest to learn everything about SEO – search engine optimization which is an obsession to this day.

With SEO I have spent significant time and effort refining and developing a unique system which really works! It took a lot of time, effort and testing especially considering Google Panda/Penguin updates and anything else which maybe thrown at it.

In fact I have found that the biggest challenge is actually getting started in the first place and thereafter developing content and keeping to the plan with relentless dedication and commitment in order to keep on track. Maintaining motivation and avoiding procrastination at times can be a huge challenge which has required efforts on my part to research and master the use of techniques in order to overcome the feeling that you have hit a brick wall.

With making money on-line I am sure you can agree that there are so many moving parts that it really is overwhelming at times and especially when you compare the many roles and tasks that are equivalent to a dedicated team ranging from project management, design, development, content creation and marketing being just some of them.

I’ve learned a lot and feel like its high time that I shared my experiences and knowledge as I progress. The web is constantly changing and like many before me and many more in the future the idea of setting up a journal to document one’s on-line income is certainly not new. I sincerely hope that this website will help you on your very own on-line income journey and emancipation from the rat race.

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