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Being A Product Vendor

In recent years I’ve began to move into setting myself up as a vendor in addition to running affiliate campaigns and let me tell you its a totally different ball game in that there are so many moving parts from technical, product development and lastly the most important piece being that to recruit affiliates and to get your product out to the masses.

Its that last piece that I’ve come to realize requires a lot of time and effort to get right and chances are you wont until you’ve iterated through various product launches with building a network of contacts and as well as building a solid reputation.

Your Future Launches Should Always Improve On The Previous One

If you’ve seen the movie Matrix, then you’ll know the scene when Neo fails miserably with his first jump. As Morpheus says – “You have to let it all go Neo, fear doubt and disbelief… free your mind”. The result – everybody fails the first time and for sure Internet Marketing is the same and in particular I’m talking about product launches.


One of the biggest mistakes most folks make is not focusing on making the pre-launch which being by far the most critical piece of the puzzle.

The Pre-launch Is Everything! Its The Most Important Part

A great product launch is first preceded with the pre-launch sequence. Not having one and for sure you’re going to fail miserably on opening day with no one being around to buy your product. A great pre-launch will build up excitement and anticipation not only from your target audience but also from thirsty affiliates eager to promote your product.

With a great pre-launch you’re pretty much guaranteeing that your launch will be successful. However you can expect that as the days, weeks and months pass your product will begin to slow down and as Newtons points out in his law of gravity “what goes up, must come down” and the same can be observed with most launches with the peak tending to be on the first few days on opening.

So what to do when you’re way past your launch and your sales has pretty much ground to a halt? There’s a simple solution, close up shop and implement another launch! This time encompassing the lessons learned with working towards an even bigger and more successful launch than before.

It may sound counter-intuitive to close your offer but if you follow the below guidelines you’ll see where I’m going with this:

Here are the 5 steps you need to implement with a successful relaunch:

1) Close down your product with removing the “buy now” button with stating something on the lines that you’ve closed and will re-open soon with a bigger and better product. Also make sure to provide an optin form which is acts as your waiting list for eager buyers whereby on opening you’ll provide a massive discount on a hidden page on your website.

2) Next take the time and effort to further develop your product. There’s always ways you can enhance it and further by doing so you remain competitive and hopefully leading the market once you do launch. A great way to identify enhancements is to ask your past customers, get their feedback and also make sure to offer your new enhanced product for free. In addition work on getting testimonials and use that on your sales copy.

3) Next take the time and effort to improve your website and in particular your sales copy which also reflects the newly enhanced product as well as your sales funnel etc.

4) Also spend significant time on your affiliate resources which you should provide e.g. email swipe files, banner ads, graphics, promotional videos as well as free reports. The more resource you provide the more likely you will recruit affiliates as you’re making their job much easier and in turn that’s more income on the table for all concerned.

5) After that we’re now ready to focus on our pre-launch sequence with recruiting affiliates and getting the word out about your newly developed product to your target audience. I recommend that you use ads on platforms such as social networks as well as relevant/related websites and forums. Also make sure to announce your launch on JV websites as well as making efforts to contact potential affiliates as well as previous ones whom promoted your products in the past.

Rinse & Repeat With More Product Re-Launches


If you got to this stage, then its good news.. You’re now finally launching! Again rinse and repeat over time, which not only ensures you maximize your income but that you also continue to develop and deliver the best product on the market! Ask yourself why waste all of your efforts with developing a product and not maintain it, nurture it and improve it. If you don’t you can be sure of your competition riding past you in no time. Best of luck with your future relaunches 😉

Coming soon: Download the pre-launch checklist highlighting how to go about recruiting affiliates and get new customer leads before the big launch.