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In this tutorial you will learn how to setup your very own link tracker which not only collates statistics as to clicks on links leading to your website but also tracks conversions such as optins and purchases made.

This extremely useful in situations such as running multiple ads whereby you will not only know which ads brings in the most traffic but also which ad is responsible for actual signups and purchases which it completely two different things.

To assume the ad which brings the most traffic is the one which converts is nonsense, in many cases ads which bring in small but highly targeted traffic can actually convert more! Implement the steps outlined and for sure you’ll be able to assess that without spending a dime!

This method makes use of the open source YOURLS link tracker which is a self-hosted link shortner together with some coding implementation using PHP or Javascript.

In part one of this tutorial I cover the necessary steps for installing YOURLS. Watch the below video as I walk you through each step.



Resources: Download and support for YOURLS.

Coming soon: Part two which outlines how to track clicked links to the point of user action of opting into a list or making a purchase. In addition a detailed write up of this tutorial will be provided.